Julia Haya

Julia Haya is an engineer who embarked on the path of art.

Today she creates bright silver jewelry with enamel, thinking of original designs, inspired by art, nature and the whole world around her.

“The Cloisonné Enamel technique provides an almost limitless field for creativity - I just fell in love with it and went to study. It was not easy, but I once again proved that a techie and an artist are not at all incompatible concepts! I have already achieved a lot and now I continue to learn and improve! ”

Julia works in Beersheba, Israel, but you can get her jewelry from all over the world.

Enhance your look and emphasise your uniqueness by adding bright and juicy accents!

  • Cloisonne Enamel

    All pieces are made using Cloisonne Enamel Technique with high quality materials

  • Silver 960

    We use Silver 960 which is the best for Cloisonne Enamel

  • Unique item

    We guarantee that you get unique handmade artwork