Tips for combining enamel earrings

Tips for combining enamel earrings

Tips for combining enamel earrings

1. Select the main focus


Blue enamel earring and silver stud

Select one earring that will be the main focus: bright, large and long, with unusual design, with an interesting pattern, ect., in short - noticeable. And combine it with more simple, small and short and minimal second earring.

2. Try asymmetrical earrings


Assimetrical enamel earrings from cloisonne jewelry collection

Or you can try asymmetrical earrings of the same size and length, but still make sure that they fit together.

3. Combine similar themes or motifs


Cloisonne jewelry silver earring in the form of house and silver stud with cloisonne enamel flower

Try to combine earrings with similar themes or motifs, for example, nature, geometric shapes, symbols, etc. This will make a cohesive and themed look, and will give the impression of intention, not a random mistake.

4. Follow a specific color scheme


Article about earrings


Consider selecting earrings that follow a specific color scheme or palette.
This can be a little complicated, so I’ll write separate post about this. And for now, you can just choose some of ready combinations that I prepared for you 😉.

5. Consider metal tones of the earrings


Article about earrings

Pay attention to the metal tones of your earrings and try to match or coordinate them. For example, if you're wearing gold earrings, consider combining them with other gold-toned or warm-colored earrings.

6. Coordinate enamel jewelry with your outfit


Woman in yellow dress and red shows with brown large bag

Coordinate also with the colors and style of your outfit when selecting earrings. The overall appearance should be harmonious, the combination should not affront the eye.

7. Pair earrings with complementary shapes


Silver earrings with agates and silver stud

Pair earrings with complementary shapes to create a visually appealing combination. For example, combine circular studs with triangular dangle earrings or mix geometric shapes like squares and rectangles or circles and squares.

8. Relax and experiment


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Just try on different combinations – no one’s watching ;).
Sometimes unexpected pairings can create a stunning effect. You can also seek inspiration in fashion magazines, social media, or online platforms to get ideas for your own combinations.

9. Don’t forget about comfort


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Ensure that the combined earrings are not too heavy or uncomfortable to wear. Avoid adding too many earrings if they cause discomfort.

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